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Social Media marketing is the latest buzz word that has taken the world by storm. When you hear the term social media your mind usually head towards popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, however there are many other platforms out there. The real key is to find the platform where you can connect with your customers. Social media marketing enables you to encourage your target market that consistently engage with your brand. Objective of this exercise is to encourage them become your most valuable online and offline advocates.

Intangible but long lasting benefits of a Well thought out social media strategy

  • A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty. If you are active on social media channels, you are likely to enjoy higher loyalty from customers.
  • A successful social media marketing strategy has capability to assist new sales or create a new revenue stream for your online store or website.
  • A well versed social media marketing strategy encourages consistent website traffic.
  • Social media services can help your business generate market leading customer engagement.
  • It can help your business create more brand awareness.
  • A strategic social media plan has power to morph consumers into being brand loyal.
  • Social media marketing drive higher conversion rates. Studies indicate that social media has higher lead to close rate. Conversion rates on your existing traffic can be improved by building your audience in social media.

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Our Social Media Marketing Process says it all- an inside look

Our social media marketing process is transparent and efficient. We take special care of your specific business needs and ensure that your business gets a social media marketing campaign tailored to meet your goals.

Our Process

Discover Your business

It's vital for us to understand your business, social presence, target market, and your competitors to develop a clear understanding of your business.

  • Project Deliverables: To create appropriate strategy, it is important that we understand your short term goals and long term objectives. This will help us ensure that every step in the process is developed around meeting those goals & objectives.
  •  Audience Research: Based on keywords, influencers, and interest, ad tools are used by us to identify size of audience.
  • Competitive Analysis: We look at your competitors, and the social networks they are active on. This is entirely based on industry keyword search and client reviews.
  • Conduct social Audit: We perform social audit and create baseline for performance based on analytics data.

Develop Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy

We take pride in developing a comprehensive social media marketing plan that outlines measurable business goals and deliverables for social media profiles and sharable content.

  • Profile Strategy: We develop profile strategy by defining actionable plan. This is done to optimise profiles across available networks.
  • Engagement Strategy: We develop rules for engaging with users on various social media platforms. Devise plan to leverage influencer’s network for content distribution and thus reach out to influencers.
  • Measurement Planning: We evaluate campaign performance by defining short and long term goals.  
  • Content Strategy- We develop a content calendar that has content that will be posted on each social media profile and network.
  • Advertising Strategy- We devise an advertising plan and make budget for appropriate networks also. We believe in defining the object of each portion of the plan, whether it is community engagement, community growth, conversions, lead generation or something else.

Campaign Execution

We hit campaign goals by implementing recommendations from the phases of content and profile strategy.

  • Brief Content implementation- We implement content that is in line with social media marketing best practices, and distribute it to appropriate networks.
  • Advertising implementation- We closely follow defined advertising strategy and then implement advertising campaigns. We also make changes in the strategy to suit client’s budget, if necessary.
  • Community Management-We follow the engagement strategy and maintain interaction with influencers to engage them in meaningful conversations.

Analysis and Reporting

Provision of regular reporting based on analysis of performance, goal tracking, KPIs and adjust project plan based on results.

  • Monthly Performance Report- Our monthly reports state current standing of goals, completed tasks, campaign metrics and plan for the next month.
  • Quarterly Review- Our comprehensive overview of the campaign and modifications in the project plan is based on the achieved results.

We believe in transforming interest into sales

Our fantastic social media specialists know how to create a sales funnel and an irresistible offer that makes your business. As marketers, we know how to utilise Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to create a buzz around your offerings. Our team has devised numerous social media strategies, assisted clients to establish on social networks, have run tons of social media campaigns successfully, and have conducted social media training sessions through webinars, workshops, programs etc. Put yourself and our social media experts together and you will have everything you need to develop, run and manage a successful social media marketing campaign in Sydney, Australia.

Why would your social media marketing strategy start anywhere else? We’d love the Opportunity to share our services with you…

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Conversation Monitoring and Campaign Analytics
  • Social Media Content Production
  • Multi-channel social media integration
  • Social Media Training and workshops

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How Inbound Leads team can help

We ensure that you never fall into the trap of epic fail campaign that’s why as a part of our social media marketing services in Australia, we provide guidance with:

Social Consultancy

We will help frame a social strategy with you based on your end desires and goals. If you already have in-house marketing teams who just need a little guidance, or you may require us to build your social presence from scratch. We will certainly find the best approach

Social Media Monitoring

We make sure that you are aware about those who are talking about you, what they’re saying and thinking, and whether it’s positive or negative. This ensures that you are willing to contribute whenever needed, and you are always ahead of the conversation.

Brand Management

Your brand is apparently very important and so our inbound leads team will always be on hand to help convert potential problems into praise. We do it by finding and securing appropriate profiles and usernames across the channels.

Social PR

Our close contacts with most authoritative bloggers, publishers, influencers and journalists signify that we can assist bridge that gap between online and offline content that consequently means that your content gets the desired coverage.

Cross Channel Promotion

Using the valuable insights from our analysis and reporting service, we ensure that your message fits across all your marketing channels and reaches your audience. This will impart you a coherent and immediate recognisable voice across the net.