Google Shopping Network

The Google Shopping Network Will Transform Your Business!

With our help, you can take advantage of this game-changing platform.

The advent of the Google Shopping Network could be the most disruptive change in retail and eCommerce in a long time. Unfortunately, most retailers are not even aware of Google Shopping’s existence and do not have a clue how to take advantage of it.

The best way to think of the Shopping Network is a version of Google AdWords designed to sell physical products rather than clicks. Merchants post products on the Shopping Network, and Google makes money when a customer orders a product through the network. When you list on Shopping Network, Google has a strong incentive to promote your wares because it profits from their sales.

Google Shopping could greatly change online retail because people that search for products online will go there first. The majority of online consumers may never see the offerings of merchants that do not take advantage of Google Shopping Network, because of Google’s expertise in making search algorithms.

In the future Google could expand the Shopping Network into the real world with a same-day delivery services. Google is already testing such a service, called Google Express, in a number of American cities. If it works as advertised, Express would allow consumers to order items at the click of a button and have them delivered to their homes.


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Do Not Get Left Out of the Shopping Network Revolution

Businesses that adopt Google Shopping early on could see their customer bases, revenues and profits greatly increase. Those that ignore this solution could lose both customers and money to competitors that do.

The best way to take advantage of Google Shopping Network is to work with an experienced Google Partner. Inbound Leads is a Google Partner, and our team has had years of experience with AdWords. We understand Google, and we know how to leverage its power to grow your business.

Why You Need Expert Help with Google Shopping Network

Save Time

Most business owners simply do not have the time to learn a complicated new solution like Google Shopping. Our team is already familiar with Google and understands how its solutions work.

Get in on the Ground Floor

Most merchants have seen how dramatically Amazon has changed the world of retail. Google Shopping could have an even greater impact. Instead of being crushed by it, you could ride the wave to increased profits.

Google Experts

Inbound Leads is a Google Partner, which means that we have an official relationship with Google. That also means we have access to all the latest information and technology from Google. That could give you an advantage over your competitors.

Leverage AdWords and Google Shopping

Many businesses already know how potent a marketing tool Google AdWords is. Inbound Leads has been creating successful AdWords campaigns in Australia for years. We can combine such campaigns with Google Shopping to drive even more customers to your listings.

No Commitment Necessary

At Inbound Leads, we work on a campaign-by-campaign basis. That means there is no long-term commitment and you can stop anytime. If Shopping Network is not working for you, you can simply shut down the campaign.