Mobile Search

Mobile Search - the Next Frontier in Online Advertising

There is a goldmine of sales to be discovered in Mobile Advertising!

If you want people to see your ads, you will need to take advantage of Mobile Search Advertising now. Mobile Search is now the fastest-growing segment in digital advertising; the American publication Advertising Age predicted that mobile could account for 85.9% of all search-ad spending by 2018.

Now, you probably do not know how to set up a mobile advertising campaign for your business, but we at Inbound Leads most certainly do! Our experts have had years of experience in Mobile Web Design and Mobile Search. We can help you take advantage of mobile search before your competitors do.

This way you’ll be ahead of the curve, in pole position to reap the rewards of Mobile Search Advertising.


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Why You Need to Take Advantage of
Mobile Search Advertising

The Majority of People Conduct Mobile Searches

A survey found that 79% of mobile phone owners and 81% of tablet owners conducted searching using those devices, Search Engine Land reported.

People Use Mobile Search to Locate New Businesses

Almost half of all people that conducted mobile searches were looking for a business they had never used before. The analytics firm comScore discovered that mobile searchers tend to be looking for new choices.

The Statistics Prove Mobile Search Leads to Purchases

A survey found that nearly 80% of the local mobile searches conducted in the United States led to purchases. Around 90% of those purchases were made in a brick and mortar store.

No Obligations

Inbound Leads provides marketing solutions on a per campaign basis. That means you only pay for specific advertising or solutions, which minimises costs. It also means that you can shut down the campaign at any time.

Mobile Search Is Now the Preferred Way to Find a Business

Statistics indicate that mobile search is the most popular means of finding nearby businesses. Nearly 60% of the searches on phones and over 60% of the searches on tablets were for shops and restaurants.