Local Search

Don’t Just Get Online, Get Found Locally

What do you look for when you wish to host an amazing dinner party at your home or dine out at a fancy restaurant or move your stuff to a new place? A local business that can meet your needs.

And how do you come to know about this local business? You do a Google search that provides you with varied service providers in your local region.

With the web being a primary source for consumers to turn to for local business information, ranking in local SEO results has become paramount for businesses, especially small entrepreneurs and establishments.

For a business that largely caters to local audiences, it has become mandatory to optimise their website for local SEO. To reach your potential customers just where they’re looking for, you must ensure a website optimisation strategy that include search listings and sites that provide your customers with information highly relevant to their needs.


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Let the Professionals Deal with Your Local SEO

Imagine a local user looking for a service that concerns your business, makes a search query on Google and ends up finding your business name on the top of local search results & google maps.

Imagine no more. Because we can make it happen for you. We can place your business right where your local audience is.

Local search engine optimisation and marketing is an effective tool every business that is about local customers must leverage. At Inbound Leads, we make sure you don’t miss out on huge opportunities that comes with each local search.

Our competent SEO professionals can handle your local search optimisation, marketing and listing management while bringing significant returns on your marketing investments. With our mammoth expertise and knowledge, we can develop a local marketing strategy that improves your online visibility and attract quality local traffic to your site.

Get Your Business Ready for Mobile Search

You are missing out on thousands of potential customers if your website is not optimised for mobile local search as more than 40% searches now come from mobile devices.

With more and more people making internet searches and seeking information on the go on their mobile devices, businesses that fail to keep up with the constantly changing mobile market, are losing out on opportunities to entice prospects and drive conversions.

Chances are a majority of your potential customers would be searching for your products and services on their mobile devices making mobile local search optimisation an inevitable need.

Having helped several businesses to connect to their local audiences in the past, our search marketing experts have gained knowledge of best tools and practices to turn local mobile reaches into a profitable opportunity for our clients. We know searches made on mobile devices are different from those made on PC or desktops. That is why we take a unique optimisation approach and techniques to make your website rank amongst the top local mobile searches.

What do we do in local SEO?


We will do a thorough research to find the best geo-specific keywords for your business to target local audiences based on relevance, search volume, commercial intent and competitiveness.


Once we have valuable keywords to target on, we start with optimisation of your website for local search. We incorporate targeted keywords in page titles, headings, anchor text and web content to provide customers with more relevant geographical information and improve your local search rankings.


To make it easier for potential customers to find your business when searching for a local SEO service provider, we add your local address and phone number to all the pages of your website.

For those operating across multiple locations, we optimise their website for each physical location to get best local traffic from each location.


We create an XML sitemap to submit to Google and other search engines to help them fetch the local address of your business and crawl your website better.


The citation process involves submitting business-related information on local business directories including Yelp, Yahoo and CitySearch to improve your local rankings and boost traffic to your website.


Local link building is a vital aspect of SEO. In this process, we build quality links and use them to direct organic traffic to your website.


All marketing strategies and SEO efforts are in vain if you don’t know where you started and how far you have come. While working on your project, we regularly monitor your SEO performance and marketing progress and deliver a thorough report for you to analyse traffic and ranking improvements over the month.


Through proven strategies, we can help you increase the number of positive customer reviews on your business to benefit your local search engine marketing as well as increase customers’ confidence in your business.