Linkedin Advertising

The Hidden Potential of LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing platform that you should be taking advantage of!

Many businesspeople are ignoring a powerful advertising medium even though they may use it every day. That resource is LinkedIn, which is both a popular social media and a versatile marketing platform.

LinkedIn is different from other social media because it was designed as a promotional tool for professionals. That means your advertising will be more likely to be seen by professionals when it appears on LinkedIn.

This makes LinkedIn the most cost-effective means of reaching businesspeople and professionals with advertising. LinkedIn is an ideal tool for creating targeted advertising campaigns for business to business services and products.

If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn advertising and social media marketing, our experts at Inbound Leads can help. Our professionals have had years of experience creating effective social media campaigns for a wide variety of customers in a variety of media, including LinkedIn.


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Why You Need LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Is the Professional's Choice

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are designed for an informal mass audience. LinkedIn is designed for use by professionals and businesspeople. Many individuals that refuse to use Twitter or Facebook will use LinkedIn.

People Use LinkedIn to Search for Professional Services

LinkedIn has become a popular marketplace for a wide variety of business and professional services. Many employers search it for new hires. Quite a few businesspeople use LinkedIn to shop for professionals such as solicitors and chartered accountants. Some entrepreneurs use it to search for suppliers and vendors.

Your Competitors Are Probably Using LinkedIn Advertising

There is a strong possibility that your competitors are already running LinkedIn ads targeted at your customers or clients. You will need to counter this with advertising of your own.

Professionally Designed Ads Are More Effective

Professionally designed LinkedIn advertising will be more effective. LinkedIn is a medium designed for professionals, so those who it expect to see professionally designed advertising. If your ads are professional, they will stand out from the crowd and draw more attention from serious buyers.

If you are unsure how LinkedIn could help your business, please ask us; we will be glad to explain it to you and give you a free quote with no obligation. If you are dissatisfied with an existing social media or LinkedIn campaign, we can look at it and suggest improvements.