Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords Management

With the right strategy, PPC can boost your sales dramatically!

Every day businesses of all sizes waste vast amounts of money on AdWords campaigns that do not generate a single click or attract any new customers.

This occurs because the campaigns were not created by an AdWords management expert.

AdWords can look deceptively simple. On the surface it seems simple and straightforward, but in reality AdWords is a complex and highly sophisticated system that is constantly evolving. That is the way Google designed it.

To make matters worse, Google is constantly tinkering with AdWords and changing things around. Even experienced professionals can have a hard time keeping up with all the changes. Beginners can quickly find themselves over their heads.


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How to Make AdWords Work for You

So that’s the bad news; the good news is that thousands of companies are running successful AdWords campaigns every day. The secret to these organisations’ success is: Professional AdWords Management.

Large companies are able to hire in-house experienced AdWords managers that are Google Partners. Smaller firms can be at a disadvantage because they cannot afford this level of AdWords Management.

We offer a solution to this predicament for smaller businesses and start-ups by providing professional Google AdWords Management with no commitments or obligations. Simply hire us to manage your AdWords, and you can cancel at any time if the campaign is not working or you are dissatisfied.

Want to learn more? Contact us now at and we’ll run you through the ins and outs of what makes a successful AdWords campaign. We can create new campaigns or simply take over the management of your old campaigns.

Look at what we have in store for you…

Get started with AdWords to reap highly qualified website traffic.

Google AdWords can be a love/hate affair for many business owners. AdWords success rely on the careful planning and perfect execution of Google AdWords and display campaigns. If your in-house AdWords campaigns result minor or no return and you feel like you’ve been dropping money into what’s boasted as one of the most preferred marketing tool, then perhaps you require a helping hand?

Our qualified team of Google AdWords managers will fine tune your strategy and continually monitor your success, as well as use their capability to scale down the spend instantly.

We manage your campaign from scratch as our experts set up, optimise and manage it strategically. They understand how to identify, target and manage your audience.

We strategically promote your business through Google AdWords on your behalf and help you increase profitability and conversions. Our AdWords management team can minimise your cost per lead and improve the cost per click subsequently. We give your business the utmost control and ensure smart scalability for its growth. Our team is proficient in scheduling, managing and writing ads that transform eyeballs into clicks. They measure and report on the accomplishment of your campaign.

Is Google AdWords Expensive?

If you have a sound strategy, then Google AdWords is not expensive for you. We track your results and refine your activity regularly and repeat the process with scientific clarity, that’s where our team always catches the worm.

Going in right direction, and paid google ads are a great way to drive down your cost per lead, and generate qualified traffic instantly. But, if you get it wrong then you are going to need deep pockets for sure.

Our team is capable of offering gamut of services in fraction of time. Look at the enlisted services to explore our strengths.

  • Keyword research and List Management
  • Strategy Management and Consultation
  • Campaign creation and setup
  • Text ad copywriting
  • Google Remarketing
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Google shopping (PLA) Management
  • Video Adverts
  • Image Ads Google display network
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Bid and Budget Management
  • Performance tracking and reporting

Our focus area revolves around our value driven services

Google Search Network

It is a part of Google AdWords (Google’s PPC advertising program) and is considered as the most powerful tool in any online marketing mix. It basically shows AdWords ads on webpages that use google to show search results. This search network is composed of google search partners such as Netscape, AOL, Earth link, AT&T World net and Google. Advertising in the Google search Network allows users to show those ads that are relevant to a search query. This shows the interest of the audience that they are interested in the offerings of ads. Leading to high conversion and click rate, making search engine advertising a result oriented and profitable part of the online media mix.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing popularly known as retargeting, is a kind of online advertising that allows advertisers to display ads to users who have already explored their site while browsing the web. This online advertising tool can dramatically increase your ROI and can prove to be incredibly successful.

Benefits of Google Remarketing

  • Internet marketing technique that allows you to stay connected with your target market, even after your audience leave your site.
  • You gain brand exposure by displaying your ads to visitors, become more recognisable to target audience.
  • You will realise better conversion rates as we combine remarketing campaigns with additional targeting approaches.
  • This advertising tool gives you complete control over your expenses that helps you make smart spending decisions.
  • Budgets and messages can be optimised for specific pages as you can evaluate which sites in Google Display Network perform the best.

Google Shopping (PLA)

This allows you to show off your merchandise with an image rich ad flashing on search results pages. The benefit of this form of advertising is that users can look at your offerings before they have even clicked on your website. This signify less dead end clicks and more profit rich conversions.

Google Display Network

Generate attention subtly with Google Display Network. GDN is an interesting part of Google AdWords campaign management that has potential to deliver better campaign results. In simple words, it is a network of websites that run google ads.

How does GDN Works?

By using this technique user can target various websites based on keywords in their topics or contents and place ads by site names. Google Display Network sites comprise of millions of Google web display partners including all Double Click Ad exchange partner sites and AdSense sites that enables display and text ads on their site pages. Success on GDN is dependent entirely on the ability to pick the right keywords and Google partner sites. It can be an effective strategic marketing tool to enhance your PPC/AdWords ROI. Here, a simple approach is followed where your ad is featured on those successful websites, applications and videos that your target market is already most likely browsing.

Google PPC

Google PPC Advertising using AdWords is considered as one of the easiest ways to generate qualified traffic to your websites and score some measurable returns from search engine marketing campaign. Google AdWords is the well-known form of PPC advertising that allow users to control expenses while setting daily maximums for each ad.

Let’s get into the working of PPC Advertising

The best part about this technique is that you pay only when visitor clicks your ad and pays visit to your website. Ads are placed on websites or search engine results pages, related to your targeted keywords. Your spending for each click depends on your willingness to bid for targeted keywords. In Google AdWords, your pay for each click depends on your quality score. The higher your bid or quality score, the better possibility you will have of getting your ad listed on the top of the page. This skilful advertising technique can help you attract and convert your prospects to paying customers.

Why Choose Us?

  • We focus on driving success for your brand.
  • Our in-house algorithms deliver best results to get high quality traffic at optimised ROI
  • Our Google AdWords management expert team understands your business well and, capable enough to demonstrate expertise in basic and advanced aspects of Ad Words.
  • We are data driven, ROI focused AdWords Management company whose mandate is to get you results.
  • We believe in developing optimal campaign that is backed by digital lead-generation strategy, optimise it for maximum conversion with prime motive of generating maximum ROI for your brand.
  • We are expert in developing end-to-end digital strategies using our conversion framework and are constantly growing with digital landscape.

Together these online marketing tools minimise advertising waste, thereby enabling advertisers to improve their ROI. Wouldn’t you like to try these techniques to get high quality traffic, leads and extremely high ROI? Get in touch with Inbound Leads and keep abreast of latest in digital trends. To discuss your next project, shoot us an email at

Why Do You Need
Professional Google AdWords Management?

Save Time

You as a business owner simply do not have the time to manage an AdWords campaign effectively. It will usually take two or three hours to set up an AdWords campaign.

Learning the Ropes

It can take a long time to figure out how AdWords actually works! It often takes about a year of tinkering and experimenting for an amateur to create a successful AdWords campaign. Can you afford to spend money on AdWords for a year, searching for strategy that actually works?

Hands-On Experience

We have managed many of successful AdWords campaigns over the years. That means we know what works and what does not. That also means you can have an AdWords campaign that works and attracts customers from the very beginning.

We will also be more than happy to provide you with examples of campaigns and references who can verify our expertise.

Take Advantage of Our Knowledge

An extensive knowledge of AdWords is required if you want to design an effective AdWords campaign. Our team is composed of professional AdWords managers with years of experience designing successful campaigns.

We are also certified Google Partners. That means we work directly with Google and have been certified as experts by Google itself. It also means we have access to all of Google’s latest solutions.

Access to Expert Level Skillset

Successful use of AdWords requires a variety of skills you may not have. This includes search engine optimisation, keyword creation, strategies, design, and programming to name a few.

Can you afford to spend several months taking courses and devote several more months practicing to develop these skills? Can you really afford to spend large amounts of money on coursework for learning AdWords?

There is no need to go it alone when you use AdWords. Professional Google AdWords management will give you the edge you need to actually make money with AdWords.