Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising: Not as Easy as It Looks

Most Facebook Advertising campaigns fail because most entrepreneurs do not know how to create effective professional advertisements.

Large numbers of entrepreneurs have learned the hard way that setting up a successful Facebook Advertising campaign is not the easy task it appears to be on the surface. Like many forms of online marketing, Facebook Advertising can be highly deceptive; it seems simple, but it is really very complex.

For example, many advertisers run afoul of Facebook’s rules, which are often illogical, arbitrary, and hard to comply with. Like Google, Facebook has some complex criteria for advertising that can be nearly impossible for neophytes to discern.

The best way to avoid this pitfall is to employ experienced social media marketing experts like our team at Inbound Leads. Our pros understand Facebook and know how to avoid common mistakes. We can create effective advertisements that will comply with Facebook’s rules but still get your message to your customers.

If you have an existing Facebook campaign that is not working or if Facebook has shut down your campaign, we offer a free consultation. We can tell you what you have done wrong and show you how to fix it.


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Why You Need the Services of
Facebook Advertising Professionals

Facebook Is Highly Cost Effective

Despite its limitations, Facebook is still one of the cheapest advertising solutions around. You can reach tens of thousands of people for as very small investment.

Everybody Uses Facebook

One reason why Facebook is effective is that almost everybody is familiar with it. Most people use it, including people that hate the Internet and loathe online advertising. Your ad will be seen by large numbers of people that will not respond to normal online ads but will if it is on Facebook.

People Like Facebook

Facebook is one of the most effective media solutions ever invented because it is friendly and intimate. It makes people feel at ease and as if they are chatting with friends when they use it. That makes people more likely to pay attention to Facebook advertising.

People Expect You to Be on Facebook

These days, many of your customers, if not most of your customers, will expect your business to be on Facebook. They will look for your Facebook page, and if they do not find it, they will visit your competition. You could have a great website, but many customers will ignore it if it is not also available on Facebook.

Professional Facebook Advertising

Inbound Leads is positioned to help you implement a successful Facebook Advertising campaign. Whether you are unfamiliar with Facebook, you have a campaign that is not working, or you’re having troubles with Facebook, we can create a successful Facebook marketing strategy for your business.