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Opportunity lost is never missed, it is taken by others. Seize your audience before they are taken by others… Tap into potential customers sight at the very moment they are looking for your offering. If you are not using Bing Ads as a part of your search marketing strategy, it means you are abjuring a golden opportunity to boost your ROI, reduce cost per clicks, and shunning more than 30% of the search traffic in the US.

With over 30% of search engine market share and 5 billion monthly searches, Bing Ads marketing offers you the ready platform to connect with your target market.


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MSN has made the competition far fiercer with the release of their own version of AdWords, Bing Ads. It offers brilliant chance to connect with those valuable audience who spend 25 percent more than the average searchers. Given that Bing is the second most rampant search engine marketing platform after Google, it’s well worth for advertisers to have their hands in Bing Ads PPC and Keyword cookie jar as well.

Like Google AdWords, Bing Marketing also offers PPC program wherein advertisers bid on keywords in addition to placing ads on the content network to display their ads. Advertisers have got more power beyond managing keywords bids on Bing, they can further optimise campaigns by means of geo-targeting their ads, creating mobile targeted ads, as well as using day parting.

Inbound Leads make campaign creation and bid management on Bing Ads both easier and profitable for Bing Marketing.

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Promising traffic and conversions

Devising Bing Ads for Bing Marketing in your digital marketing strategy will rapidly boost your overall website traffic and enhance conversions. Bing constitutes more than 30% of the search marketplace in the United States, covering searchers from Bing, Yahoo, Amazon’s kindle, Apple’s Siri and other popular websites as search partners. You can have your advertisements up and running within 24 hrs of display with Bing Ads.

Quality wins over Quantity

Bing Ads Marketing will bring you the quality traffic unlike other internet marketing platforms that bring you the quantity. The quality of traffic that you are fetching is vital. Being a prudent advertiser you will certainly want to optimise your ROI, return on investment as you are paying for every click. Bing Ads not only offers better targeted and higher quality traffic to your advertisements, but they are less expensive as you pay less for each click. On the other hand, other PPC advertising platforms charge a lot more per click and even worse the clicks you get are useless at times.

No fierce competition, you are the sole sailor

Many marketers use Google AdWords for paid search, they still avoid Bing Ads. Seize this opportunity as their loss can be your gain. Since fraction (or all) of your competitors are yet not adept with using Bing Ads, the half of the battle is won. With much less competitors around, you can easily get the traffic you need. Chances are that you may find yourself the only bidder on certain keywords.

Justified pay for same clicks

Less competitions imply lower cost per clicks and lower bids. With fewer advertisers bidding and competing on same keywords, you will come across a lower bid, and consequently you will end up paying less for a click on that keyword than you would have paid on AdWords. In some cases, difference can be as high as 50%.

Get accustomed to higher ROI

The lower cost per click on Bing will finally get you a higher ROI. Bing Ads can draw high-quality users with relevant ads and keywords while allowing you to spend less time and money to get them.

Copy your Campaigns from Google AdWords

Setting up Bing Ads is child’s play, and it barely takes a few minutes. You can import your AdWords campaign from the Bing Ads interface. In addition to this, Bing automatically switches the UTM source on URLs from Google to Bing, allotting your traffic and conversions appropriately.

You only need to click on Import from Google, get your Google account signed in and select the campaigns you desire to copy from Google AdWords. Within minutes all the copied campaigns will be uploaded to Bing. Another amazing benefit of this feature is that you need not to spend much time on optimising your Bing campaigns

You are only required to copy the modifications and updates you performed in your AdWords campaigns to Bing. You can also update only bids, ads, budgets or any combination of these. This simply means that you can easily optimise only your AdWords campaign, and hence automatically modify your Bing advertising campaigns consequently. Best part about the Bing Ads is that if time usage is not a concern for you, optimising Bing Ads on the Bing interface separately can get you even better results.

Total control on appearance of your text ads

Nothing beats the transparency that Bing offers to marketers. It is fully transparent about the performance of search partners. Bing facilitates you with detailed reports based on the performance of search partners in your campaigns, covering their full metrics, ranging from impressions to conversions. You have the autonomy to exclude any search partner in case you are not satisfied with the performance. It is advisable that you should monitor this report time to time.

Consistent monitoring and strict supervision of search partners can act as a game changer in your Bing Ads performance. You can anytime exclude those search partners who are not cost effective and those with extremely low CTR. It is rational to exclude them as their low CTR can damage your overall CTR eventually lowering your keywords quality score. Surprisingly this feature is not available on Google AdWords.

Just one tag is sufficient

With Bing’s universal event tracking feature, you can create remarketing lists by integrating just one tag and track results. Like Google AdWords and Google Analytics, it’s not required to integrate multiple pixels and import events and audiences from one to another. You can track your site only once using the Universal event tracking feature, without the need to add or create new tags each time you add new conversions you wish to count.

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